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Windows Explorer Navigation Design Flaw in W7/8


The Problem

When you expand a folder in Windows Explorer and when the vertical scroll bar is present the folder jumps DOWN to the bottom, obscuring the child folders - the very folders one is navigate to see in ALL dialogues used in Windows!



The Background - Additional Information

Microsoft claims this behavior is by design and is working as intended, says Rohit Siddegowda as an Support Engineer.


Watch the Demonstration video 2 on how to reproduce the bug.



Method: Open Windows Explorer, click on Organize > Folder and Search Options > Navigation Pane and enable "Automatically expand to current folder".



Step 1) Expand the navigation directory tree so there are more folders unable to be viewed in the navigation pane, by making the "vertical scroll bar" appear.


Step 2) left click on any folder that contains more child folders (subfolders) than can fit inside the navigation pane view, like "system32" folder.


Step 3) after left clicking on the folder, simply expand the folder so as to see the child folders (subfolders).


Windows Explorer automatically repositions that folder to the bottom of the navigation pane, showing only the first child folder (subfolder) is shown, denying the PC end user from seeing the maximum amount of child folders (subfolders). 


As you see, System32 folder hides the remaining child folders (subfolders) from view, thus forcing the PC user the task of needing to scroll back up to show the child folders (subfolders) in view.


It only happens the first time you attempt to expand a folder in this manner. After doing it once, you can scroll the navigation (left) pane so that the folder in question is back in the middle of the pane, and it will expand and contract as expected.












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Remedies - How do I fix this?

Bug is still present in Windows 8 Developer Preview.


Download: Purchase Windows 9 coming in 2014? 


Update - 2011-11-11

We need another Microsoft "Fit It" just like Outlook's broken—Let's fix it



The purpose of the PC users when expanding the folder is to see the subfolders, right? Does it make ANY sense to hide the subfolders when expanding a folder? What possible rationale could explain the current Explorer behavior as a planned UI design element?


For a problem of this visibility it's disturbing that no Senior Escalation Support Engineer or Product Manager has given an explanation for this.



Last updated 2014-03-11 

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